How to Get Away from Home in a Holiday Home

A holiday home in Florida, California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and other states is just the place to stay if you are going on vacation, but it’s not quite the vacation you think.

Here are some of the things you should consider before you buy a holiday home.1.

Do you need a mortgage? 

Yes, but you will need to pay down your home equity, which will be a burden on your credit rating.

You should also be careful to ensure that you have enough cash on hand to pay the down payment. 


Does your home have a garage? 

It’s a good idea to have a spare garage space, but most will not.

Most will require a garage or trailer to be attached to the property.3.

Do your properties have electric or gas? 

Most will require an electric or a gas powered home, but there are some exceptions.

Electric homes can be built without a garage, but gas powered homes may require a trailer to support the building.4.

Do they have a backyard? 

Some holiday homes will require your home to be outside, but the backyard of most holiday homes is not the best place to live.5.

Do the homes have a basement? 

Not all holiday homes are built to have one.

Some holiday homes require one to have room for a garage and an enclosed living area.6.

Is there a swimming pool? 

You should be able to find one, but if you have a pool on your property you should be careful.7.

Does the property have a fire sprinkler system? 

If you have no smoke alarms in your home, you will likely have to use an alarm system.

A smoke detector is also needed to detect smoke when it comes into your home.8.

Does it have a garbage disposal? 

Depending on your state, the number of residents may limit the amount of garbage you can have in your house.

You may need to have an outside trash collection system to pick up trash, and the size of the garbage can may determine how much can be picked up.9.

Does this holiday home have access to public transportation? 

Many holiday homes do have public transportation, but not all have public buses.

If you are planning on driving to the holiday homes or shopping, you may need a ride.10.

Are the holidays season-appropriate? 

There are many different holidays, but some are more appropriate than others.

If the holidays are your birthday, Christmas, or the New Year, you should try to plan your vacation around the holidays.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a holiday house, here are some questions you should ask.1: What type of holiday home is this? 

What types of holiday homes have been built in Florida and other holiday homes? 

How much does it cost to purchase a holiday residence?2: How long will it be before the holiday home closes? 

Will it be a short-term rental?

Will it be an investment property?

How much will the vacation home cost?3: Are there any security issues? 

Are there any financial problems associated with the holiday residence you are considering?4: Will there be any financial issues associated with renting the holiday property? 

Should you take out a home equity line of credit? 

Is there a guarantor?5: Do the homeowners have a history of violence? 

Have the homeowners been convicted of crimes? 

Do the homeowners work on the property?

What about pets?6: Does the homeowner have a pet? 

Does the homeowner own pets?7: Does this home have air conditioning? 

The homeowners air conditioning is important, especially if you plan on visiting other holiday destinations.8: Does it allow for outside ventilation? 

No. 9: Does all the bathrooms in the home have hot water? 

All the bathrooms have hot showers, and some bathrooms have steam showers.10: Does there have a hot tub? 

Your home will likely require a hot bath or spa.

If your home does not have all of the amenities listed above, you can still be considered a good holiday home, so long as you take the time to make sure your plans are in the best interest of your family.