Ullard’s Underground Holiday Home Review: The Home Is A Haunted House

The Ullards’ underground holiday home in Houston has become a haunt for some of the Houstonians most treasured memories.

A haunting in its own right, this home is a home in which we were once able to escape our everyday lives and reconnect with the unknown, even if we never knew what was going on inside.

The ULLARD holiday home sits on a hilltop and has a large, open-plan kitchen.

The interior of the home has a dark, woodsy feel, and it is decorated with vintage, antique, and Victorian furnishings.

There are numerous murals on the walls, which show the characters of different characters from the holiday seasons.

The upstairs room has a small porch that is filled with candles and a fireplace.

The hallway in the kitchen has a wooden floor with a fireplace that was left to burn after it was set on fire during the fire.

The home also has an attached guest room.

On the front porch, you can see the large, red door that leads to the front door.

The staircase leading to the guest room is made of wood and has an iron railing.

There is also a wooden door leading to an upstairs bedroom that has a fireplace, and a large wooden door on the front of the bedroom leads to a guest room with a wooden deck.

The front of each bedroom is decorated in traditional holiday garb, including a bed, lamp, and candle.

The bedroom door leads into the living room, where there are a couple of small bedrooms, one of which has a window that opens onto the backyard and overlooks the backyard.

A fireplace is located in the guest bedroom, and the window on the balcony overlooks a large garden and a view of the lake.

The back door to the home is closed, and there is a wooden plaque marking the entrance to the house.

The entire house is surrounded by oak trees, which is one of the unique aspects of this holiday home.

The house has a long history, and is said to be haunted by the spirits of former residents.

The property is currently undergoing a renovation.

The remodeling will involve replacing the large oak tree in the front yard, which will be replaced with a smaller tree, and replacing the wooden door in the living area with a metal door.

A fire pit will be added to the rear of the house, which serves as a lookout for those who are not in the house and would like to observe the spirits.

If anyone who has been in the home feels they are in danger or is concerned for their safety, they should contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 832-474-7463 or the Ullars at 828-444-2520.