How to Get Rid of Banna Holiday Homes Model and Its $9.5M Worth of Fake Property

The Banna holiday home is a replica of a real house, but is built in a fake way.

The $9 million home is being marketed as an upscale vacation home for a family of five.

But that is far from the truth, and it is a real estate scam.

The home is built by the company Banna and it was built in 2019 for a local real estate firm, according to the real estate website Real Estate Today.

It is the only real estate in Banna’s portfolio that is being sold as a luxury vacation home.

But it’s really a replica.

“We are so grateful to the local realtors who have given us the opportunity to build the home, and we are very proud of the product,” the company’s founder, Eric Banna, said in a statement.

“They have taken the time to make sure that the house is authentic and that it will stand the test of time.”

The real estate agency said in its press release that it bought the property for $7 million in September 2019.

That means that the home was bought in September, and the realtor that bought it paid for it in October.

The realtoring company said in the release that the realtor paid $8,500 for the home in October and that the seller paid $9,500 in November.

That’s a total of $5,500 more than the original asking price.

The Bana home has been on the market for months.

Banna says it is selling it at auction, but the seller doesn’t say if it is for sale.

If it is, the realty firm says it will be going to auction.

But until that happens, the Banna home will go up for sale on Craigslist.

In the release, the seller said the home has “no value.”

The home has a lot of flaws.

It was built without a furnace and was not insulated.

The house is so low-grade that the floor has cracked and there is water dripping out of the house.

The roof is a chink in the facade and the inside has a big hole that has caused the house to sink.

The property is being used as a rental property.

But in reality, it’s a vacation home, the company says.

In its press statement, the property said it is an open-concept luxury vacation, with “no rent, no mortgage, no hidden fees.”

The Bona home has sold for $12,000 in its entirety, which is $4,500 less than the listing price, according the Real Estate website.

The company says it has not received any inquiries about the home.

It said in October that it is closing its business, and that its headquarters are closed.

The site Real said it had been contacted by Banna but did not have a response at the time.