How to Get Rid of Your Dog’s Holiday Home Page

Christmas is a time of joy, of hope, of family and friends.

In a time when people want to be a part of the celebration and get involved with their community, it’s vital to look after the homes of your beloved pets.

With many of them still in good condition, they are perfect for decorating.

A simple DIY project can make a big difference to the overall appearance of your home.

Whether you’re decorating the front or back of the house, make sure your dog’s holiday home is in good shape by taking a few basic steps to get rid of their holiday home.


Remove the Christmas decorations from the dog’s home 2.

Use a metal scraper to remove any decorations that are hanging on the walls or trim the tops of the Christmas trees to remove all decorations 3.

Clean the inside of the home with a damp cloth 4.

Put a small amount of water in the dishwasher 5.

Check the interior of the kitchen to see if any items are hanging from the wall, or if the floor is falling apart, or is leaking.


If the interior is leaking, replace the entire home and look after it as soon as possible.

There are many tips for getting rid of the holiday decorations, so you can find the perfect way to do it.

Take your time and do a thorough check on the home before doing anything.

You will definitely not regret it! 

If you are considering buying a holiday home, don’t forget to check out our guide to finding a new home for your dog. 

Happy Holidays!