FourFour2: Holiday Homes overberg

Two holiday homes at West Park have been sold to buyers who bought them in 2014 for more than $3 million, it was announced today.

The homes, situated on a site close to the popular Ballycastle Shopping Centre, have sold for more more than 10 times their asking price.

They have been bought by buyers from South Australia, NSW and Queensland.

In a statement, Mr Lee said he was proud of the work done to transform the property into a holiday home.

“It has been an absolute joy to live here and to work with the owners on the new development,” Mr Lee added.

“The project has created a home that will be loved by both our customers and the community for generations to come.”

He said the two new homes would be used for “family fun, community engagement and a sense of belonging”.

He said Mr and Mrs Lee had been very proud of their work and the change to the property.

“This will be a unique opportunity to transform one of the most iconic buildings in West Park and create a brand new holiday home for the community,” he said.

The new property will include a community kitchen, pool, gym, sauna and bar.

The two holiday homes will be owned by the two families.

Why Ballycastle is getting new luxury homes

Ballyville, Co Down is getting a new luxury home.

It’s a luxury home, in fact.

It is a three bedroom home, it’s got a spa, it has a swimming pool.

You can’t get a better deal for money and luxury.

The new house is the first in a long line of luxury homes being built in Bally’s new luxury resort.

The property, Bally Castle, is a five-bedroom home, five-bathroom home with three bedrooms.

It is being built by the family of the late John Bally, the family who owns the estate.

John Ballies sons, Alan and John Bly, purchased the property and they are the current owners of the property.

The current owners are the Bally family.

Bally castle has been built to a design that was designed by the estate agents and developers of Bally.

The estate agent and developer, D.L. Coates, is the son of John Baly, and his father was the estate agent at Bally until the late 70s.

Alan and John are the main investors in the estate and have also been the owners of a number of properties in the area.

Alan Bally and John were involved in the development of the estate when they bought the estate in 2007.

The property is currently owned by the Baly family.

It’s a stunning estate with spectacular views.

It comes with a swimming complex, a swimming pools, and a spa.

It has all of the amenities and services you would expect from a luxury property.

There’s a swimming lake, there’s a spa there, there are two pools in the house, there is a spa and there’s the golf course.

It can accommodate up to 70 people, so you can have your party there, or it can be your wedding.

The home is going to be spectacular.

It will also have a restaurant that will be open 24 hours a day.

This is a private property.

It will be a very private and private home.

The Bally estate will be in a very nice location.

The estate is just over 20 minutes’ drive from the Bailiehill Golf Club.

The area around the estate is very close to the golf club.

It would be ideal for a weekend getaway.

The first phase of the development is going well.

We’re seeing very good progress on the first phase.

The house is a six-bedroom property, with a two-bedroom, one-bath room and a four-bedroom.

We are actually seeing that the first stage of the construction, which is going so well, is about six months ahead of schedule.

There is also a second phase of construction which is taking place now and that is taking the first two and a half months.

We are going very quickly on the second phase.

It starts in late February and is going through to late April.

The second phase is the one where you can expect to see the house be completely refurbished and it will be completely transformed.

We have a team of about five people working on the house and the second stage of construction is expected to start in early March.

The third phase is when the house is going into the third phase of renovation.

The third phase will be the first to go into the fourth phase.

The fourth phase will begin in early April.

The first phase will last until late April or early May.

We expect to finish in early May, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The Bally home is a big property.

It sits at about 7,500 square feet, and it is a lot of space.

It does have a spa in the first and second floors.

The spa is going be the highlight of the home, as well as the pool.

There are going to come a time when it will look like the swimming pool at Bully Hill in Ireland.

We don’t want to be seen as being out of date, so it will have a modern look and be something different.

The second floor of the house will have three bedrooms, the third and fourth bedrooms will have four bedrooms, and there will be an entry from the first floor.

There will also be a third bedroom from the second floor, but the third bedroom will not be a spa room.

The spa will be located in the kitchen, the main kitchen, so that it’s not going to look like a traditional bathtub, but it will fit into that space, so there is not going a lot in the bath.

The house is expected not to have much to do with the Bly family.

It looks a lot like the estate that the Bilys purchased when they sold their Ballyhill estate in the late 80s.

It was in a lovely location, just a few minutes’ walk from the golf courses and the golf and tennis courses, so they didn’t have to go out very often.

It also had the perfect amount of open space for their