The New Year’s Day Mystery Holiday Homes

It’s been nearly one year since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but the game is set to return in the spring of 2019.

The game will feature new seasonal homes that are themed around the holiday seasons, as well as new mini-games, including a puzzle-platformer.

It’s unclear exactly when we’ll see the Holiday Homes in the game, but they’ll most likely debut in spring of 2020.

The new homes are going to feature a lot of holiday imagery, and it seems like they’ll be a lot like what we’ve seen in the previous games in the series.

They’ll feature a variety of decorating options, and the most notable thing will be the fact that they’ll have a lot more furniture.

You’ll be able to add a lot, too.

The Legend has always featured a lot with the decorations and the holiday houses.

We’ve seen that from other games as well.

They can be quite ornate, and they can even have a little bit of whimsy in them.

There will be a ton of holiday items in The Legend that will be featured in The New Holiday Homes.

For example, you’ll be looking at the Christmas tree and a little little bit, you could even be able add a little more decoration.

It will also feature a new snowmobile, which is pretty cool.

That snowmobile is actually one of the new toys that we’ve got in the games.

It’ll be part of the Holiday Home Toy Line.

And there’s also going to be a Christmas tree.

You’re going to get to see that tree being used by the Snowman and Snowwoman.

You can actually see the Christmas Tree in the trailer, and I can’t say anything more than that.

There’s a new toy that will also be featured, as we’ve already seen it in the trailers.

You’ve seen it before, but it’s a little different.

It is called the Snowmobile.

It has an ability to fly, and its a little sleigh-like.

You just kind of roll over to the side and it will go and glide up and down on its own.

That’s what it is.

It was first shown in The Wind Waker, and this will be part and parcel of The New Holidays.

The snowmobile has been a big part of The Wind waker, as it was one of Link’s favorite toys in the first game.

It had been on the list of toys in The Old Kingdom and later in The Link Between Worlds.

Now, it’s on the holiday list, and that’s great.

I hope that they will use it in The Great Deku Tree, too, which has been rumored to be one of Zelda’s favorite trees.

The Snowman will be seen in The Adventures of Link, so it’s not just one of his toys.

It can also be one in the New Holiday Home toys line, too and will be one more of the Christmas toys.

The New Home will also include a lot about Link, as he’s going to have a new set of clothes.

It looks like he’ll be wearing a variety different outfits this year, which are more in line with what you’d see in the Ocarinas.

There are also going, I think, a lot things in the new Holiday Home that will surprise you, as the Holiday Season has a lot to do with this game.

I’ll give you a few of them: You’ll have to take care of the Great Dekun Tree, which will be used as the winter home.

It actually has a Christmas Tree, and there’s a Christmas Song.

You know, the song that Link sings to the Deku Bloks.

The Deku Flowers are going be a big addition to the New Holistic Home.

You will have to be able bring them out of the trees and bring them into the house.

They are all going to go inside the house, and when you do that, the trees will go up and then fall down, and you’ll have that big festive effect.

The Great Tree will be decorated with snow, and will have a Christmas Day Tree, with the snow falling down.

There is also going a little Christmas Tree ornament inside the Christmas Home.

And then you’ll also have a mini-game that will have you trying to save all of the decorations that you’ve brought in.

It really makes you think of how the decorations are going around the house in the next year.

You have to save them all, or you’ll never see the decorations again.

And the Great Tree is also one of those things that you can really bring out of your house, because it has all the decorations.

It doesn’t even have an opening for it.

It just has to open.

You don’t have to go through the Christmas Parade, either.

It opens up the whole Christmas Tree.

The Big Tree has got a Christmas Flower