Why are holiday homes in the midlands the most expensive in Australia?

What the average holiday home costs in Australia depends on the property type and location.

In most cases, holiday homes are expensive because they are more than double the median price of other property types.

The median sale price in November was $5.1 million, according to data compiled by property broker NBR.

This is a slight increase from November 2016, when the median sale was $3.8 million.

There were no new listings in the month of November.

While there were some notable exceptions, the average sale price of holiday homes on the Gold Coast was just $1.1 per square foot.

The average sale in Perth was $2.3 per square feet, while the median sold price in the city was $1,634 per square centimetre.

In some cities, the median purchase price for holiday homes was just under $1 million.

This week, NBR released the 2017-18 Australian Landlord Survey, which provides a snapshot of the market and the overall market.

In the first two months of the year, the market had a strong bounceback, with median sales prices surging to a new record high of $3,942 per square metre in November.

In 2017, the annual median price for property was just below $3 million.