How to keep your holiday home safe from wildfires

A pyrenee and a holiday home built for a boy who died from a rare and deadly form of leukemia.

A pyre, a kind of forest fire, has burned more than 4,000 acres in the U.S. this winter.

But the fire has been contained, according to the National Weather Service, and officials say the fires are no longer threatening homes and businesses.

But there’s a chance the flames could return.

Here are the tips that firefighters and health officials have to help prevent pyre fires and other hazards.

Pyre fire tips: Avoid leaving a home unattended during the day.

There are more than 1,000 fire-related deaths every year in the United States, and the pyre is one of the deadliest.

It is so deadly that firefighters are trained to walk on fire and even run with it, so they can avoid harming people.

When a pyre burns, it can cause massive amounts of smoke, which can make it hard to breathe.

It can also spread dangerous gases like carbon monoxide.

Get outside.

Smoke can cause people to go into panic mode, so it’s important to be outside.

If the house is located in an area where it is very hot, stay outside and avoid ventilating the home.

Do not leave your pets inside a home or in a room with an open window.

When you get out of the house, use a hoses or hose hoses to extinguish the fire, and keep your pets away from the fire.

Keep pets inside.

A home that is aflame can quickly be engulfed by flames.

Keep your pets and other household items outside.

Use hand hoses and hose hose to control the fire before it can spread.

If you have to use a hose, get the hose up to the ceiling to prevent air pockets from forming.

When the flames reach the ceiling, turn off all lights.

This will stop the flames from spreading, but the flames can still spread.

Keep the windows and doors closed, and avoid leaving the room or hallway covered in smoke.

Avoid leaving food, drinks, pets and household items unattended.

It’s best to store food, beverages and other personal items in an outdoor area, so that they can be easily accessed during an emergency.

Use protective clothing to protect your family and pets from the flames.

If a pyreneo is not burning, make sure the house or building is not being used as a staging area for wildfires, and that all doors, windows and any other doors that might be open or closed are locked.

Get a fire extinguisher.

You can also try to put out a fire by throwing a hose or a piece of fabric that will catch the flames and prevent them from spreading.

You might have to go to the local fire department to get one.