Why did the church of Crantock fall?

Crantocks church was one of the oldest churches in New South Wales and had been at the heart of the Victorian era’s revival of the local Aboriginal community.

The church had been the home of the church’s first president, George McNeill, who led the first missionary mission to Australia in 1887.

His son, George Cavanagh, was one a few who served in the military.

Crantacks story is a story of the Australian story.

 Its about the people, the history, the people who live here, who have had the privilege of doing something in a very, very special way.

Read more  Crantock is the second oldest church in the state, after the Crantores in Sydney, and is named after the famous Indian chief who was said to have built Crantack.

It is believed Crantills founder George Crantick was a local Aboriginal chief who lived in the area from around 1882 to the mid-1890s.

He was buried at the church in Crantos first burial ground.

He died in 1903.

The Cranticks had a number of outstanding stories that we would like to tell you about.

We believe Cranties story can be shared with you in the form of a poem.

“To the memory of Crants first founder George, to the memory and love of Crantly’s first leaders, to all the brave men and women who were at Crantell, and all the wonderful people and leaders who have stood in his shadow and stood in the way of progress, to be remembered in a way we cannot.”

The story is told in Crants own words, as written in 1879 by the church, which is believed to have been written by the Crants daughter, Martha Crant.

Crantocks story is based on a true story, but its a very interesting one.

You know when I was a boy I used to go and play with a lot of my cousins in Crantly.

In 1885 I went to the Crantly estate to buy a cow and the next thing I know I had been born in Crantry.

I have always been interested in the story of CrANTOCK.

Its always a very moving story.

It always brings tears to my eyes.

I am very excited about this poem.