How the GOP is preparing for the 2018 midterms

The Republican Party is facing a long, difficult, and difficult year ahead.

The Republican Party must now decide whether it is prepared for a protracted battle for control of Congress, or whether it will continue to try to keep control of the White House and the Senate.

For now, Republicans have a few options to deal with.

First, the party has some good news.

First, the Republican Party will not be facing a prolonged fight for control.

The House and Senate will have the opportunity to pass bills in the coming weeks and months, and the party will be able to pass its legislative agenda, including tax reform and healthcare legislation.

Second, Republicans are ready to start to roll back the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Third, Republicans can get rid of the regulations, including the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, and move forward with other priorities.

Fourth, Republicans will have an opportunity to do a little work on their tax reform agenda.

Finally, Republicans may have some good ideas to tackle the issues that matter most to voters, such as the budget, health care, and infrastructure.

All of this is possible because Republicans are working together on a bipartisan basis.

It is also possible that the Republican Congress will fall short of their goals and that the party loses control of both houses.

In the end, the Republicans have an opening.

They can use the opportunity that comes with this year’s midterms to start putting together a package of tax reform, infrastructure, and other legislative priorities.

If Republicans are able to secure an agreement with Democrats to pass a tax reform bill, the plan could help the GOP gain control of government in 2018 and the midterm elections in 2020.

If Democrats are able in 2018 to win back control of either house, Republicans could be able take control of them for the first time since 1995.

The Republican House has the potential to get a lot of things done.

But it has not done much of anything, and Republicans have the power to do more than just enact their agenda.

The 2018 midterm elections are going to be a big one for the Republican party.

If Republicans do not get a majority in the House and if Democrats win back their House seats, then Republicans will lose control of two chambers of Congress.

This could be a bad thing.

The Republicans will also have to work with Democrats on issues like the budget and healthcare, which could be an issue of their own making.

Republicans will also need to work on tax reform.

But if they can get things done in 2018, then they will have a lot more leverage to deal directly with the voters in 2018.

If Democrats lose both chambers of the House, then Republican control of a majority of the Senate could be very important.

This will be a difficult time for Republicans.

The Democrats may also lose control in 2020 because the Democrats have lost control of their state legislatures.

They may be able in 2020 to pass more tax reform than Republicans.

So, in the end the Democrats may not have a majority, but they will still have the House.

This may be a very difficult time to be in the White Houses and Senate, and it is even more difficult for Republicans to get something done.

What Republicans can do to get things right in 2018The Republican party is going to have to be ready to do some things to get back in control of its own destiny in the next four years.

Republicans are going get back to doing the things that have made the party successful.

Republicans are going start moving forward on tax cuts, healthcare, infrastructure and tax reform to get the country back on track.

This year’s midterm elections are likely to be an important moment in the Republican House’s history.

If the Republicans can win back both chambers and hold on to their control of state legislatures, they could possibly be able again to take control over the House of Representatives.

In 2018, Republicans and Democrats are going through a process of trying to find a way forward, and they are going in different directions.

Democrats are moving forward to enact their legislative agenda and get tax reform passed in 2018 with a bipartisan approach.

Republicans may be moving forward with their agenda and tax changes.

If the Republican plan to pass tax reform fails, Republicans should be prepared to pass some tax reforms and try to move the country in a more progressive direction.

They should also be ready for the 2020 midterms.