How Australia’s Christmas homes are disappearing

From a remote farm in northern NSW, a family of six is making a pilgrimage to Australia’s most remote holiday home.

It’s the first time in history that the Malaysia-based group has been able to see their beloved Glenorchy Christmas home, and they are desperate to see the rest of it.

It has long been an iconic holiday home for the residents, who call it “Malaysia’s Christmas home”.

It’s a place where they can see the sights of the country, the people they love, and their own families, who have spent generations in the same place.

And yet, the home has been vanishing.

The owners have sold the home for scrap metal, and are now planning to build a new one on the same site.

It will be their last Christmas home.

In fact, they’ve already sold the old one.

It was built in 1901.

Now the owners are trying to rebuild the entire structure from scratch.

But they’ve been told by the local council that the structure will need to be relocated.

For the past 20 years, they have been trying to get the demolition permit to build on the site, which is a matter of a few hundred metres.

The demolition permit for the Glenorches Christmas home was originally granted in 2015, but was subsequently revoked.

So the Malay community in the area have been fighting to save it.

But the local government has told them that they cannot demolish the home without the permission of the owners.

It means that the residents will need a new permit to rebuild on the land.

It also means that it’s up to the Malayan community to help rebuild it.

The residents of Glenorchys Christmas home have been battling for a new home for almost a decade The Malaysian community is also fighting to stop the demolition of their holiday home The Malay holiday community in Glenorcheys Christmas Home is part of the Glenora area.

The area has been a popular destination for locals for years.

The community has a long history in the community and it is a haven for Malay migrants.

But as the Malasian community has grown, so too have the homes they’ve built.

The homes are located in the heart of the area and have been known as “Christmas houses” by locals.

It is this heritage that has made them the focus of the community’s fight to save the home.

Many of the homes were built in the 1920s and 1930s.

In the early 1970s, the community started to see more and more migrants from Malaysia arrive and settle in the Malaise area.

One of the houses in the Glenoreys holiday home is still standing today, but it is now being demolished.

The current owners are hoping to build the new home on the other property, which will be owned by the Glenores.

This has been in the works for more than 20 years and is now expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The home is owned by a local businessman, who has been trying for decades to save his holiday home But the community is not just interested in saving the Glenarches Christmas Home, but they also want to save other Christmas homes.

The Glenorcks Christmas Home has been on the market for more and a number of years, but this year was the first year the property had been sold.

There were plans to build another house, but the owner was unable to make the investment.

It could have cost up to $5 million to rebuild it, and it could have taken many years to build.

“We’re hoping to find a buyer who will invest in the property,” said one of the residents of the holiday home who asked to remain anonymous.

“And we’re looking for a house that will be ready for the end-of-year celebration and be safe enough to move into in the New Year.”

But there are many other homes in the vicinity that are being demolished as well.

Residents are not happy The community in North Bend has been fighting for the demolition for years The Malasians are trying hard to save their holiday homes in Glenorey, but their fight has been put on hold until the owners can be sold The community and local businesses in North Bergen are fighting hard to stop demolition.

“This is the home of the Malawi community, and we are all worried about this house,” said the owner of a local restaurant, who wished to remain unnamed.

“But it is only one house.

We are all afraid to sell our property.”

The owners of the Christmas home are not just worried about losing their home.

They are also worried about the demolition process.

“The local authorities say that if the house is demolished, we have to build our own home,” said Naeem, a resident of the house.

“So we can’t sell the house because the property owner won’t allow it.”

The community is hoping that a buyer