Holiday home builders to open holiday home forum on December 25

A number of builders are set to open their holiday home forums to share their holiday experience.

One builder, who did not wish to be named, said: “I am really excited to be opening the holiday home builder forum on Christmas Day.

It’s great to get to know all the builders that are creating holiday homes.”

A number of holiday home enthusiasts, including builder Tom and his family, are expected to open the forum, which will include advice from holiday home experts.

Mr Tom said: “[The holiday home] is something I have always wanted to create and I think it will be an amazing experience for my family to experience as well.”

I think it’s a great chance for people to share and learn more about what we do.

“The builders are all so welcoming and I know they will be able to provide information to help them with any questions they may have.”

We are looking forward to the opportunity to talk to all the builder families and builders alike.

“The builders have been building holiday homes since 1996 and have been working together since 2009.