China launches new social media platform to let people post photos and videos on holidays

China is launching a new social network to let its citizens post photos on holiday homes.

The National Tourism Administration (NTA) said on Thursday that it would start rolling out a mobile app to allow people to share their holiday pictures and videos.

The NTA will initially roll out the app for iPhone, Android and Apple TV.NTA said the app will allow people who want to share photos and video of their holiday home to share those on the social network.

The NTA said it was already in discussions with mobile operators in the country and that the app was expected to be rolled out to mobile phones later this month.

“People will be able to post and share holiday photos and holiday videos on the new app on their mobile phones,” NTA spokesperson Xu Shunbin told reporters in Beijing.

The app will let people upload photos and other photos to social networks such as WeChat and Facebook.NTa said the mobile app will also allow users to view and upload photos on a variety of other platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram, Viber and others.

The mobile app is part of the NTA’s effort to make social networking more accessible to the public.