Army holiday homes: Army personnel, their spouses and their children are among the holiday homes that will be open for business

Military personnel and their spouses have been staying in holiday homes across India on the banks of the Ganges, with the army reservists having been able to take advantage of the facilities.

In a statement, the army said the holiday houses are a key part of its holiday and retirement programmes.

“These military personnel and family members are being able to utilise these facilities, as they are providing them with accommodation for a limited time,” said an Army spokesperson.

The army has been sending holiday homes to military personnel stationed at the base since 2013 and this year it will be sending out more holiday homes for its army personnel to stay at, as part of a plan to encourage the deployment of troops from overseas.

A total of 10 holiday homes are being built, and the government will invest Rs 10 crore in the scheme, the spokesperson said.

The holiday houses have been given the green light by the government as it was in the “best interest of the country”, the spokesperson added.

The army has also announced that it will make the facilities available to all the military personnel.