How to build a new home in the Berkshires

NEW YORK — The first of several new homes in the Berkshire Hills will open at the Bergen Holiday Home.

The three-story building is located at the northwest corner of Route 11 and the New York State Turnpike in Bergen County.

Bergen residents can enjoy a range of entertainment including a basketball court, tennis court and a golf course.

The home’s first tenant is a two-story, two-car garage that will house the family’s new, more efficient van.

The vehicle is being designed by The New York Design Workshop in New York and will have a total floor area of 1,600 square feet.

Construction began last month on the home’s garage, which includes a storage area and an elevator to transport the home from the street to the home.

The family’s previous home, a two story home that they built in 2009, has been closed since it was closed to the public because of the outbreak.

A few hundred residents are living in the home and its neighboring home, which are both closed to public.

A new home opened in May in the same area, but it was designed by an architectural firm, and the home was closed for two months.

The new home will have more space, more natural light and will allow the family to live more comfortably.

Bergin residents can also choose to stay in the existing home, the family said.

This home, however, is expected to be the family home for generations to come.

The family hopes to build new homes throughout the Berkshire hills and beyond.