Holiday homes: The most expensive home you’ll find in Phoenix

It’s the end of summer and everyone is itching to get home, but you’ve been avoiding the sun with a blanket.

Now you need to decide where to live.

Holiday homes castlePoint in Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the priciest.

The two-story, two-bedroom house has an attached gym and a guest house.

The house comes with three bedrooms, a living room and a master bedroom.

The price tag: $2.1 million, or $1,890,000.

And that’s just the price tag for the three-bedroom home.

It includes an $11,500,000 condo, two $12,500 vacation homes, two luxury homes, a three-car garage, a spa and a golf course.

The home comes with a $1.5 million carport.

It also includes a $6,400,000 water park and a $3.6 million garage.

The castlePoint has three bedrooms.

The three-story home includes a living space, gym, guest house, spa, carport and a parking lot.

The $2 million price tag includes a lot of extras: a $4,000,000 golf course, $6 million golf cart, a $2,500 spa, $5 million beachfront property and an $8.5-million backyard pool.

It’s located in Phoenix.

The vacation homes holiday homes hanford is a two-storey, two bedroom house in northern New Mexico.

It has a gym, a guest home, swimming pool and a two story house with an attached garage.

A $2-million price tag is attached to the home, including $2 and $3 million for the swimming pool, the house, the garage and the pool.

The condo is a three bedroom house that has a pool, kitchen and two bedrooms.

A three-bed cottage is attached with a guest and garage.

It comes with $3,900,000 for a pool and $4 million for a two bedroom cottage.

It can be rented for $3 to $5 a night.

The spa is located in Hanford, New Mexico and comes with four bedrooms and a swimming pool.

A two-bathroom spa is attached.

It is located at the entrance to a lake in the lake.

The golf course is located on the property in Hanfield, New,Mesa.

The water park is located near the entrance of the lake, which is located a few miles away from the Hanford resort.

The carport is a golf club in the golf course and the beachfront is adjacent to the golf club.

There are two homes that come with a carport that is attached and a boat that is also attached to that carport, making it a three car garage.

In the past year, more than $4.5 billion in luxury homes have been purchased in the Phoenix area, and this new castlePoint comes in at number one, according to real estate website Trulia.

The priciest holiday home you can find in Arizona is located just outside of Phoenix, in Las Vegas.

The luxury home is located the Grand Hyatt in Las Palmas, Nevada.

The grand Hyatt has a four-story three-bath house with two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The Grand HyATT has a $7.9 million price.

It was previously valued at $1 million.

The mansion is home to four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a pool deck and a tennis court.

The owner paid $3-million for the property.

It had previously been listed at $2 to $3 and now it is listed for $5.6-million.

The property has an entrance on the side of the property and is located right across from the Las Palma casino.