Glenmore’s Holiday Homes in Sydney’s Argo area to close on Friday

Glenmore Holiday Homes, in Sydney Australia’s Arago region, will close on Thursday, the last day of the month.

The Argo Holiday Homes will be closed on November 6 and 7.

Glenmore Holiday homes is located on the site of the former Glenmore Village home of Frank W. and Elizabeth Ann Womack, who bought the property in 1929.

The home is owned by the Womacks.

The property has a large swimming pool and a terrace.

Glenmore was one of Australia’s first hotels.

It opened in 1927.

It was originally known as the Wollongong Holiday Home, the Woori’s and Wombong.

In December 2008, the owners of Glenmore purchased the Wodonga Holiday Home for $20.5 million.

The Womaks had been renting the property to a local businessman for about three years.

The Womans later bought the Wokaburra property for $10 million.

In February 2010, the Glenmore property was listed for sale.

The owners of the Womba Home purchased it in June 2013 for $30 million.

In March 2014, the family sold the Woey for $60 million to a Chinese company.

The Glenmore holiday home was once home to the Wowinam Beach Club and its residents.

In September 2016, it was the site for the funeral of a family member, and then was used as a parking lot.

In May 2017, the site was used for the wedding of a former resident.

This is the home of the family of Glenis Womad, who was a member of the first group of Australians to arrive on the Gold Coast in 1859.

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