Caribbean resorts: Holiday homes worth $2m in RTE’s ‘Hot List’

Riviera Holiday Homes, one of the country’s largest holiday properties, has been named in Rte’s Hot List for the fourth year running, according to a list of the world’s top luxury holiday homes. 

The listing for the 4,500sq m holiday home at Ballyshannon in County Armagh was revealed in the latest edition of RTE Hot List.

The listing shows the property is worth an estimated €2.7 million, and includes a spa, dining and swimming area, and a five bedroom apartment.

The listing also states the property boasts a fitness centre, cinema, a sauna and a barbecue area.

Riviera Holiday Home has previously been listed on the RTE website.

The list also includes some of the biggest names in luxury luxury holiday accommodation, including the £5.4 million Villa at Balmoral, the £7.6 million Castle in the Highlands, the €3.2 million Hotel at Balmorhea and the €7.2m L’Aiguille du Ciel in the Isle of Man.