Santa is the perfect holiday home for a new-born baby

A new-birth home in San Antonio, Texas, is getting rave reviews for its cozy decor and ease of use.

The new home for baby Jaden, who weighs just under a pound and will soon start a full-time life, is located on a sprawling property in the heart of San Antonio.

It has been a long road for Jaden to get the baby into the home, and he’s already been spending a lot of time at the home with his dad.

Jaden’s mother, Melissa, and his sister, Kia, live there, too.

They are now looking for a place that will fit their newborn.

“We just want a home that can be very, very close to our house and be really close to the family,” Melissa told NBC News.

“It can be a little bit quieter but it can also be very close,” she added.

“I think the whole point is, it’s going to be a very good home for Jadens first year.”

“It’s definitely a lot quieter, but we’ve been able to find a place where we feel safe and comfortable,” Kia added.

Melissa and Kia live with their mother, who works as a social worker, in a tiny apartment with a few friends.

They have taken on the care of the newborn in their own home, but it’s the family’s desire to be close to their family and their home that makes the home such a welcoming place for Jado’s newborn.

The home is the result of years of community involvement from the family.

Melissa and Kianne were involved with the Santa Ana Neighborhood Association and helped with a variety of events to support the baby’s growth.

“I think our baby really wanted to be here with us and that’s why we started a new home,” Melissa said.

“Because we’re a little closer than other places.”

Jaden will soon get the opportunity to stay with his family, and Melissa said she hopes it will be a successful start for the family and that he can continue to make friends there.

“That’s where he’ll start his first year of life,” she said.

“He’s going for the holidays and we’re going to make sure he can feel comfortable here and be a part of it.”

Melissa said the family was already planning on renting the home out and moving in for the time being, but she said they also had to consider whether it would be appropriate to put the baby on a permanent basis.

“There’s no question that we’re excited about him being here,” Melissa explained.

“It’s going be a great home for him to grow into and be surrounded by the family.”