Norfolk Holiday Homes and hotels are being sold in cryptocurrency

Norfolk Holiday Houses and hotels, including the Holiday Inn, the Country Inn and the Hampton Inn, are being bought by Crypto Coins, a new cryptocurrency that aims to be used to pay for goods and services, according to a report by the Daily News.

Crypto Coins CEO Daniel Szabo said that the company aims to provide an easy way to pay and store crypto currencies for long-term storage and use.

The company aims for a price range between $1,000 to $20,000.

The news comes as the cryptocurrency has surged over the past few days after the FBI shut down its Silk Road marketplace.

The cryptocurrency has seen huge spikes in value and demand in the past week.

It has gained more than 40 percent in value over the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin has surged by more than 5,500 percent in the last month.

The price of Bitcoin has jumped nearly 700 percent in price since the end of June.

The FBI shuttered Silk Road after the bureau uncovered that the site sold drugs and was rife with illegal activity.

In an interview with CNN, Szabo also revealed that the new cryptocurrency is being developed by a team of researchers and investors who are focused on finding a “secure and scalable solution” for cryptocurrency.

The site was shut down by authorities on July 2.

A representative for the FBI said that Silk Road was operated by Ross Ulbricht, a former online marketplace operator who is believed to have been involved in a $1 billion Silk Road online marketplace.

Ulbritt has been arrested by authorities in the United States and Canada, and he has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

In the interview, Szabo said that Crypto Coins is not yet an “initial coin offering” or a cryptocurrency trading platform.

The team is currently working on a solution for storing crypto currencies and using them for long term storage, he added.

Crypto coins was founded by Daniel Szabos team in January 2017.

The startup’s website states that Crypto coins is focused on building a decentralized, open source solution for cryptocurrency storage and storage of digital currency.

The website offers several different crypto wallets, including one that has an option for Bitcoin wallets, one that supports Ethereum, one for Ripple, one with Litecoin, and one with Monero.

Szabo described the new currency as a “cryptocurrency exchange” that will allow people to store and exchange crypto currencies on their phones.

The currency is not currently available to the general public and it has not been approved for use by any government or bank, according the company.